Space hex mat

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Space hex mat

All members in good standing are free to post here. Opinions expressed here are solely those of the posters, and have not been cleared with nor are they endorsed by The Miniatures Page. Back to the Maps Message Board. Back to the Spaceship Gaming Message Board. I think 2" hexes would be just fine, although 3" would also work. I don't want a plain black one — I want something with at least a few stars and "space" effects on it. Something like these pics:.

Can anyone suggest a source? Thanks for any advice, folks! I don't do much sci-fi gaming, this is foreign territory to me I normally stay firmly in Aegyptus! I also painted my first Zenithian saucer with my buddy Tyson earlier this evening — he's WAY ahead of me, already has a Galacteer fleet finished. I think I'm gonna play the Empire, but he's got a saucer fleet that we'll loan out to our other friends. Mostly gold, with a green wash and blue highlights and details — I think it looks good, and more importantly, simple, quick, and easy to finish a fleet.

Hotz Mats has them. They come in different hex sizes to order or no hexes. Same mat as shown at the Con Demo for War Rocket. But as a bonus, Matthew Beauchamp has them coming in at Hydra miniatures. Get a Mat, from Matt! Sorry for the pun. Then, you can get a ship and mat order from them at the same time.

Great service! It's true: we will be selling 2" Hotz Mats for use with War Rocket. In fact, they just arrived yesterday. I've got a super busy rest of the week, but I intend to upload the Hotz Mats to my online store this weekend. We are stocking the space mats with 2" hexes, space mats with no hexes, and Mars red with hexes. They all look really cool and the Mars red looks especially awesome in person. In our opinion, the Mars Red mats are one of the nicest looking mats we produce, although I have heard from several customers who have purchased both our Deep Space and our Mars Red game mats that our Deep Space mats are the best.

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An interesting review of our European Fields game mats yielded this unexpected review for our Deep Space game mats:. Boy is it nice. Out of scope for our site, but excellent. You can get these hex mats at Eric Hotz online store. The link to the above quote.

DeepCut Studio

We produce game mats with 1, 1. Thanks for the info, guys. Matt — glad to hear that you'll be stocking the hex mats. I need to order some ships from you anyways, I can wait till they're in your store to order them. Sorry - only verified members can post on the forums.Your question may be answered by sellers, manufacturers, or customers who purchased this item, who are all part of the Amazon community. Please make sure that you are posting in the form of a question.

Please enter a question. Perfectly sized, high quality play-mat with anti-slip surface for the protection of your cards and accessories during gameplay. Skip to main content. Currently unavailable. We don't know when or if this item will be back in stock. Have one to sell? Sell on Amazon. Image Unavailable Image not available for Color:.

Color: Deep Space. This fits your. Best sellers in Children's eBooks. Page 1 of 1 Start over Page 1 of 1. The Bad Seed. Jory John. Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone. Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets. Pete the Cat and the Missing Cupcakes. Nickelodeon Publishing. Sarah Weeks. Have a question?All Trademarks and copyrights belong to their respective owners; when used without permission; no challenge to ownership is intended.

The mention of or reference to any companies or products in this site is not a challenge to the trademarks or copyrights concerned. In addition to miniatures, what other fun products are there for space combat games?

There are dice you probably have enough of thosebut is there anything else that makes simulating space battles more fun? Game Mats. Space Objects. Pick up some black fabric at a local fabric store or they might even have some spacey looking fabric too. A s a more durable option, a couple companies make some mats to play on. They are 4 foot x 6 foot of black felt which is air brushed with nebular dust clouds and sprinkled with stars in vibrant fluorescent colors.

space hex mat

The mats are available with just the nebular background or with the background and 1. Also for those of you with smaller tables, 3 foot x 3 foot felt mats are also available with or without hexes.

Or for your strategic space combat miniatures game? Well, APG Paper Tiles: Space gives you an inexpensive, gridded map with numerous layout possibilities including, planets, asteroid fields, nebulas, and more! Each of the map tiles are realistic, A demo is available so you can see what these tiles look like. Just a short note that we now offer our game mats with 1, 1. All of these are available with the Deep Space game mat actually, any game mat we produce up to 6 x 4-ft.

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Plus they have released mats with a 2 inch square grid, perfect for the new Star Wars Miniatures Starship Combat game. Also mats are now available in a half mat size of 45 x 34 inches x 86 cm quarter mat size of 22 x 34 inches 56 x 86 cm. They are available in both with either 3 inch or 5 inch hexes in a 6x4-ft mat or without hexes in 6x4-ft and 6x8-ft sizes.

The mats have been treated with a protective fabric binder that helps to prevent pilling and other forms of wear normally associated with felt. The mats are roughly 6-ft x 4-ft 72 x 45 inches and made of an acrylic felt fabric treated with a fabric binder to strengthen the fabric.Attention Adventurers! Grab your dice and get ready to roll initiative as the game is afoot and it just went modular!

The Dungeon Books of Battle Mats offer a set of two adaptive books of RPG battle maps which line up to create one endlessly evolving dungeon. This pair of books have 1 foot square 12"x12" RPG battle mat pages and are a must have tool to illustrate your game and track your dungeon combat scenes. Risk everything or play it safe as you negotiate deadly Murder Alleys, endless mazes of rooms, epic manor houses and of course multiple taverns all designed to keep your party inspired and rolling through our challenging urban fantasy scenes!

Our range of plain gridded RPG mats is ideal for any encounter. Three sizes available to suit your table and encounter!

In stock and available to order now. Your journey starts here! With Fantasy and Sci-Fi Volumes available you can have the map for any encounter at your fingertips in a lay flat book that travels with you! Our books feature laminated wipe clean maps in a book which lays flat or can fold in half allowing you to play on one page for smaller encounters or if your space is tight!

Roll for Initiative! Available in a range of sizes and with 5 grid options, our extensive portfolio of over RPG encounter mats will bring any encounter to life. Printed on PVC, our range is wipe clean using a non-permanent wet marker. Putting the Turf in your turf war!! Our range of tabletop wargaming mats covers sizes for all popular games. We have an exclusive range of rubber gaming mats featuring a stitched edge, and all our designs are also available in PVC.

Toggle navigation Loke BattleMats. Ideal for the travelling Dungeon Master and for random encounters!

space hex mat

Ideal for larger random or planned encounters. These huge maps give your party all the space it needs to really engage! A handy book of rooms and corridors which is a stand alone allowing you to play on the go, or acts as an add on for our existing books giving you rooms exactly where you need them!

The only Dungeon maps you will ever need! Line up these books any way you like to create an endlessly evolving dungeon! Gaming Mats Putting the Turf in your turf war!! Digital Content Our designs are also available as digital titles for home printing or virtual tabletop use.

Prepare for Adventure! Visit Our Shop.Non-Mint Unavailable. Created with a hex grid for the Starfinder Roleplaying Game's unique starship combat system, Flip-Mat: Basic Starfield comes with two different backgrounds—a starlit void in deep space and the brilliant radiance of a nebula—to let you craft epic starship battles and fire your players' imaginations.

Whether your party consists of bold starfighter pilots strafing an enemy dreadnought or intrepid smugglers running a corporate blockade, this extra-large Flip-Mat has you covered. Don't just describe your starship battles—make sure your players experience the excitement of every dogfight and evasive maneuver in the perilous vacuum of space with Starfinder Flip-Mat: Basic Starfield! Note: This product is part of the Starfinder Maps Subscription.

Print Edition : Available now. PDF :. Non-Mint :. Are there errors or omissions in this product information?

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Got corrections? Let us know at store paizo. Not much to say: it cleans well, is thick and sturdy, big I use it all the time and it is great. One of the things that players and GMs who are familiar with Pathfinder but new to Starfinder have to prepared for is that starship combat uses hex-based movement rather than square-based movement.

That means you need new tactical grids! There are a lot of other RPGs and miniatures games that use hex mats, but in lieu of buying one of those, you can pick up the un-excitingly named Basic Starfield. I've used this flip-mat for a handful of starship combats now, and there's some things to like about it. First, it's big 27x39 inches, or the same size as Pathfinder's series of "Bigger. Second, like all Paizo flip-mats, it's a durable product: you can fold and unfold it a bazillion times and don't have to worry about it ripping.

Third, at least in theoryyou can use pretty much any marker on it: wet, dry, or even permanent. This reduces the stress of realizing you've screwed up your flip-mat forever by grabbing the wrong marker.

However, as some posts in the product page note, the background is so dark that it's really hard to draw on it and have the drawing be visible unless you had one of those weird white markers.

When I've run Starfinder Society scenarios that have obstacles like asteroids, I've had to use blu-tack and pop can tabs because drawing stuff in just isn't practical. One side of the map is what the packaging refers to as "a starlit void in deep space", and that's pretty fair: it's basically a dark black background speckled with tiny white dots to represent stars. In a sense, it's bland, but space. The other side is pretty much the same but for patches of "the brilliant radiance of a nebula.

If I had my druthers, the flip-side would have something more interesting--some asteroid fields, a moon, the curvature on one end of a planet, etc. Overall, for basic starship combat, the Basic Starfield is bland but serviceable. If you already have a hex grid from some other source, your starship combats will not be noticeably improved by this flip-mat; but if you don't have a substitute, this product is better than nothing.Your mat is cheaper on a square-inch basis, but in addition to the cost to your back, you also have to factor in the amount of time it's taking to produce your hex background : Still, if you're like me, spending time making gaming accessories is a part of the hobby, not an opportunity cost.

In other words, it's worth it! Quite right DS. Making my own stuff is very satisfying, but at this rate I'll be playing my first game on this mat around the New Years. I like your technique, but I have two questions: 1. Instead of dabbing the spaces with chopsticks, why not use a can of spray paint? That might give your back a break! How do you manage to keep the discs even so that the spaces between each of the three caps form an equilateral triangle?

I am setting here at my desk with a pile of soda pop caps and its hard for me to keep them in the right positions to that they achieve the the proper space between them. Chris, Yep, I had the same thought and tried a little test spray with some spraypaint on the mat. It reacts in a strange way with the vinyl and is too glossy and a little tacky compared to acrylic paint. The acrylic doesn't require any extra ventilation either. I started out with soda-caps myself, then moved on to poker chips.

DeepCut Studio

The key is the discs must either be connected or simply have a good deal of mass. The discs are packed together as tight as possible and you need a lot of discs to give the whole pattern enough mass so it doesn't move. When you have enough mass, they will just stay in place. I've taken the method one step further and used putty to connect four discs together in a line with an old wooden chopstick. I made four of these little patterns, out of 16 total discs.

The most time consuming part of this whole method was repositioning discs The clearance bin held all sorts of upholstery vinyl for cheap. The surface takes acrylic paint wonderfully, yet dirt wipes clean off it. It also has a sort of rubberized backing that makes it nice and heavy, very durable. I loaded some cheap Walmart white acrylic paint on an old toothbrush and pulled the bristles back, flicking paint all over the mat and creating a convincing star field.

So even though I'm proud of my space mat and loathe to ruin it, I decided to paint some hexes on it. First I needed some guides. I noticed the bottoms of Dixie cups are 49mm across, and since I designed my game for 5cm increments this is near-perfect.

So I grabbed a bunch of cups and filled the little recess in the bottom with water-putty. I took a sharpened chopstick and dabbed the tip into my paint well, then made all sorts of tiny dots in the spaces between the circles.

The pictures below make the hex pattern seem very bright. The brightness is an artifact of the camera flash; actually the hex pattern is fairly subdued.

The hexes can be counted from a meter or so away, but do not cover up the star field too much. I'm probably less than a quarter of the way done and I've been at it for hours. The inaugural battle of my solo space campaign, which playtests my hex variant rules, will have to wait. There's a great post on SGN that shows a cost comparison for commercial space mats. Of course, I'll need the money I save for medical care; my poor back aches from bending over the table while I paint dots and move discs.

And for no reason other than I love this design, here's an old unpainted ship I built back in May. My first set of pictures sucked.Please order ONLINE, if you wish to order a generic size with any design just choose the size you need and email us the design required? Cloth is ideal for placing scenery under to create hills. Our rubber backed mats are special order and are very high quality materials.

Welcome to Tiny Wargames. Our cloth material is a soft flexible cloth that can be ironed.

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Folds up for easy storage. We also sell mouse mat, please email. Sort by. Stalingrad 6x4 feet wargaming cloth.

space hex mat

A3 cloth. WW1 6 x 4 mat, designed for Wings of Glory. Napoleonic dusty road. River 6 feet by approx 1 foot.

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Sea mouse mat 6x4. Red Alert Mat 53x41 inches. Arctic 6x4 cloth. Alien Streets 6x4 cloth. Tablecloth 6x4. Desert island 6x4 cloth. Heroquest Mat cardrubber or cloth. Kent Aerial 8x5 cloth.

Waterloo 10x5 feet cloth 6mm. Waterloo Commands and colors mat 2 inch hex. Mars Grey 6x4 cloth. Cobbles 6x4 feet. London Cobbles 4x4 feet mat. Death Staa2 6x4. Commands and Colors 3 inch hex cloth. Circus Maximus Mat.

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DF 4x4 feet. Zulu wars mat 6x4 feet. Antietam 4x4 feet 6mm. Antietam 6x4 mat.

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Arid 3x3 feet.


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